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Join Endless Lifestyle Studio Yoga teacher and creator of the beautiful Amanda Aromamists studio sprays, Amanda Pittard, for this special Spring time event.

Celebrate the balance of yin and yang energies as we prepare for the Spring season by purifying the body, heart and mind. The gentle (yang) flow will create warmth and mobility, awakening your core. The passive (yin) poses will go deeper into the inner layers of the body with a focus on the liver and gallbladder organs, the organs of the Spring season and detoxification. Indulge your senses as we layer this practice with seasonal essential oils.

Move out of the cold and stagnancy of winter and plant the seeds of the new intention for the Spring season. Leave the practice feeling refreshed, relaxed, inspired and ready for all Spring has to offer!

Investment: $50

This will include:

  • 2 hours of a Spring Yin Immersion that will leave you feeling rejuvenated & warmed from within.
  • A complimentary Spring Aromamist Spray (valued at $15)
  • Delicious teas
  • Tasty raw treats

Reserve now on via enrolment tab in online booking portal. For further information please email

Earlier Event: 8 October
Later Event: 18 December
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